Preventative Maintenance of Asphalt


Full Service Asphalt Paving


Reclaimed Asphalt and Seal Coating


Professional Paving Done Right

We use the best practices to make sure your new asphalt is in the best shape you will ever see it. Our preventative maintenance compliments this by making it rock solid. We offer free estimates of our services as well. Give us a call, and let's try to make your dream a reality.

Reclaimed Asphalt and Seal Coating

We offer Seal Coating, as it makes the best driveway, better. Asphalt Millings are preferred over gravel. We also lay reclaimed asphalt with a Lay Down machine, and compact it with a Vibratory Roller to make it look as good as new asphalt.


We give free estimates. Please give me a call at (903) 385-0860! Ask for Alan! You will not regret it. Thank You.